The design of our flexible elbows itself clearly indicates how it incorporates massive abrasion resistance through its pneumatic transport piping system. Segments made of extremely resistant and wear-resistant steel casting form the core of our flexible elbows, interlaced with each other and sheathed with highly durable fabric-reinforced rubber, the whole system forms a compact unit with maximum flexibility. Two hose clamps on both ends and an additional safety ring ensures that our elbows are able to withstand the highest stress and strain under extreme conditions. The inlet and outlet nozzles are also cast from Ni-Hard 4 and at the same time form the precise sealing surfaces.of the flanges. For sophisticated higher demanding applications, flexible elbows made from high alumina oxide ceramic segments can be offered.

Dalmia GSB has also been offering a further solution for pipeline arcs in the portfolio for some time.

This solution consists of hoses in which ceramic elements are vulcanized. We can also offer this variant with a breakthrough warning system so that our clients are notified of the affected pipeline before a failure can occur and make provision for replacement in due time.

Abrasion in pneumatic conveying systems
– industrial shut down, industrial breakdown
– loss of production
– destruction of investments
– pollution of plant and environment
– high cost for repairs / maintenance
Contact us, if you are facing above mentioned or other problematic situations.
We are prepared to solve them for you!
Flexible, highly wear-resistant elbow
– consisting of a chill casting, plastic or ceramic segment in a hose jacket made of rubber, rubber with special woven inserts or flexible metal braid
– easy handling due to comparatively lower weight (50% lower) than the rigid steel pipe with internal lining
– Simple and fast installation into aready existent as well as new pipe systems, thus very short revision times
– even axial displacements / movements / vibrations are compensated without any problems – In terms of pressure and temperature resistance, the system (sheathing / segments) is adapted to your needs at the lowest possible cost
– due to the quantity of variations possible, the system (sheathing / segments) is adapted to your individual requirements in the most cost-effective manner
– the GSB Group team is also available to assist with planning and assembly work. We have the solution to your problems.
Areas of Application
Industrial Sector Transported Material
aluminium plants calcined alumina, bauxite, carbon electrode
chemical plants lime dust
glass plants feldspar, quartz, kaolin
foundries silica sand, moulding sand
blast furnace plant sinter dust, lime
coal products plant e.g. dust, technical coal, graphite for electrodes
coal mine coal dust, insulating materials
coal power station lime, coal dust, flue coke, flue ash
malt plant, brewery grain, sojabeans, malt, sunflower seeds
mill- and feed stuff plant cacoa beans
mineral wool plant production waste
insulation brick plant saw waste, brick dust
refuse incineration- and refuse suction plant industrial refuse
whetting material plant whetting material
steel plant metallurgical injection powders
cement plant clinker dust, lime, cement, slag sand, flue ash

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