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RH-Degasser Unit

An RH Vacuum Degasser is an equipment for swift degassing of large amounts of molten steel. It is used for mass production of high purity steel, realizing decarburization and heating by injecting pure oxygen gas into the vacuum vessel.

Solutions for RH-Degasser
We offer a range of high performance Directional Purging Plugs with customized design and secondary metallurgical operations which have been adopted by various steel plants.
These are the solutions for RH-Degasser:
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Solutions for Snorkel
These are the solutions for Snorkel:
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VOD & AOD Unit /
Ladle Furnace

Vacuum Argon Decarburization (VOD) / Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) is primarily a process used for making stainless steel. In VOD, the vessel works with oxygen injection and subsequently with vacuum treatment for decarburization, while in AOD, the initially melted metal is transferred to the AOD vessel where the process of decarburization, reduction and desulphurisation takes place. A Ladle Furnace or Ladle Refining Furnace is used to refine the quality of liquid metal to make high quality steel by raising temperature and adjusting the chemical composition of molten metals.
Solutions for VOD Unit
These are the solutions for VOD Unit:
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Solutions for Ladle Furnace
These are the solutions for Ladle Furnace:
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