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Primary Steel Making

Argon Lance / Desulphurisation Lance

Lances are used in steel industry for argon rinsing stations, Desulphurisation of hot metal and oxygen lancing for temperature control of hot metal and to make homogenous clean steel. We manufacture ULCC-based monolithic lances for various operating conditions, such as monolithic rinsing lances for  argon and nitrogen bubbling in the steel and  oxygen blowing in steel treatment process.

Solutions for Lances
These are the solutions for Lances:

We offer a number of monolithic powder injection lances for de-siliconisation, de-phosphorisation and de-sulphurisation.
Special Features ‘Dalmiag GSB – made’ Lances offer:

Electric Arc Furnace

The Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is a vessel where steel is produced by electro fusion arcing with the help of graphite electrodes. Operating as a batch melting process, the charge materials used for melting are steel scraps, sponge iron, DRI and other such materials, either alone or in combination.

Refractories used in this vessel are exposed to high temperatures which are most severe in the hot spot zones. Thus, refractories for this vessel should have high oxidation resistance, erosion and thermal shock resistance; and the charge pad area should have high impact resistance to withstand the impact of steel scraps fed to the furnace.

There are two types of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) designs based on Tapping Device:

Solutions for Electric Arc Furnace
These are the solutions for Electric Arc Furnace:
We offer complete refractory packages for EAF such as for metal zone, slag zone, hot spot bricks, tap hole tube sleeves along with monolithic refractories. We also offer several qualities in precast refractories that have high thermal shock resistance. Our team of experts recommend qualities based on the types of feed material and operating conditions of the furnace.
Special Features :
Our castables are characterized by:

Basic Oxygen Furnace / LD Converter

A Basic Oxygen Furnace acts as a primary steel making process for converting the molten pig iron to steel, by blowing oxygen through a lance. This causes an exothermic reaction by which Oxygen reduces Carbon, Silicon and Manganese etc. present in steel. Further, Lime (CaO) is added in the refining process to remove silicate as slag; and finally Carbon gets reduced to the extent of 0.2%. Refractories lined in this vessel undergo various destructive factors like oxidation and various thermo-mechanical stresses.

Solutions for Basic Oxygen Furnace / LD Converter
These are the solutions for Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) / LD Converter:
Special Features:
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