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Coke Oven

Used for the conversion of coal into coke, coke ovens distill its volatile ingredients by heating coal in the absence of air. The waste heat of a coke oven is well adapted for this purpose. Through our collaboration with Dr C. OTTO of Germany for initial know-how and subsequent intensive R&D efforts, we have established ourselves as a leading Coke Oven Silica Refractory manufacturer in the world, with an impressive list of supply references on the global market.
Solutions for Recovery Coke Oven
These are the solutions for Recovery Coke Oven:

With our wide experience, we can supply Silica Refractories for 4-7 Mtr tall coke oven batteries that meet national and international specifications such as MECON, DIN, JIS, BS, PW & NSC and can also manufacture in national and international designs, such as MECON, OTTO, GIPROKOKS, KARL STEEL etc.

Special Features – ‘OCL-made’ Silica Bricks for Recovery Coke Oven have:
Solutions for Non-Recovery Coke Oven
These are the solutions for Non-Recovery Coke Oven:
Here too, with our wide experience, we can supply Silica Refractories that meet national and international specifications such as, DIN, TSOA, SUN COKE, RAYTHEON , Jewell-Thompson etc.

Special Features – ‘Dalmia GSB – made’ Silica Bricks for Non-Recovery Coke Oven have:

Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is a huge, steel stack lined with Refractory Brick, where iron ore, coke and limestone are dumped into the top, and preheated air is blown into the bottom.
Solutions for Blast Furnace Stove
A hot-blast stove is a facility to supply hot air to a blast furnace continuously. In the combustion (heat accumulation) phase, heat energy in hot exhaust gas from a burner is accumulated in checker bricks and, in the ventilation phase, a large quantity of air is blown through the checker bricks to raise the temperature of air. Drawing from our experience in manufacturing Silica Bricks for coke oven, we have developed world-class Silica Bricks for heavy duty Blast Furnace Stoves that has won the confidence of world-known stove designers like DCE, DME, Paulwurth, PRIMETAL, NSC, among others.

These are the solutions for Blast Furnace Stove:
Our products for Blast Furnace Stoves have been supplied to a number of projects worldwide and received wide appreciation from domestic and overseas customers for timely delivery, good packaging and dimensional accuracy of products.

Special Features – ‘Dalmia GSB – made’ Bricks for Blast Furnace Stoves have:
Solutions for Blast Furnace Trough
A blast furnace trough system consisting of a main trough, skimmer, iron runner, slag runner and tilting runner is used to transfer the molten iron tapped from the blast furnace to torpedo cars. These are the solutions for Blast Furnace Trough Castables for BF Runner Endless Lining. Our high performing Al2O3-SiC-C BASED ULTRA-LOW CEMENT CASTABLES have been developed in collaboration with TYK Japan. These castables are tailor-made for specific working environments and have performed up to 1.7 million and 0.5 million tons in 2000 m³ and 3200 m³ blast furnaces.

Special Features:
With high purity grains, specially graded Silicon Carbide & graphitic additives that minimize abrasion and penetration ‘Dalmia GSB-made’ castables for Blast Furnace Runners have
These are the solutions for Blast Furnace Trough:

Torpedo Ladle / Hot Metal Ladle

Torpedo Ladle Cars are used to transfer molten iron from the iron-making unit to the steel making section. Torpedo ladle can also be used as a refining vessel for desulphurisation / dephoshporisation by injection of powdered reagents into molten iron through lance. The reagents react with the sulphur/phosphor present in molten iron and separate out from iron as slag.
Hot Metal Ladle is used to transport hot iron from Blast Furnace to Hot Metal Mixer. No treatment is undertaken in this ladle.

Solutions for Torpedo Ladle
These are the solutions for Torpedo Ladle:
The most vulnerable areas of the Torpedo Ladle vessel are striker pad, metal zone, slag zone & lip area. Our Alumina-SiliconCarbide-Carbon (ASC) / High Alumina 85% Al2O3 Bricks are specially suitable for metal & slag zones; and special ASC Bricks with high impact strength are ideal for striker pads. For repair and maintenance of ladle lip area in hot conditions, we offer high alumina gunning castables.

Special Features:
Solutions for Hot Metal Ladle
These are the solutions for Hot Metal Ladle:
Time and again, our Alumina-Silicon Carbide-Carbon (ASC) Bricks and High Alumina Bricks have proven to be great cost-economic solutions that have maximized the life of the ladle.

Special Features:
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