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Purging Plug System

Purging blocks are fitted at the bottom of the ladle to purge inert gas (Argon) for temperature homogenization, chemistry homogenization and absorbed gas removal. Dalmia GSB’s Purging Plugs have minimal risk of metal infiltration and offer high blowing capacity of 1000-1200 Lt./min.
Solutions for Purging Plug System
We offer a range of high performance Directional Purging Plugs with customized design and secondary metallurgical operations which have been adopted by various steel plants. High Alumina and Alumina Spinel based plugs. Our Purging Plugs are based on tabular Alumina, Alumina Magnesia Spinel and Alumina Chrome based materials.
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Sliding Gate System

Slide Gate Systems are used to control the flow of molten steel from ladles. With a higher spigot area that helps in getting high face pressure, Dalmia GSB’s Slide Gate Mechanisms cause less chances of metal penetration and can provide almost double life than others.

With our wide experience, we have been manufacturing slide gate plates and nozzles (in both conventional and new generation designs) for all types of steel grades.
Solutions for Sliding Gate System
These are the solutions for Slide Gate System:
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