Our Passion

Delivering custom made refractory solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Since its inception, DalmiaGSB has become a global force in the refractory industry with its innovative products of high quality, custom made at its production sites in Bochum (Germany), India and China. Customers worldwide are relying on DalmiaGSB’s knowledge and products developed by its team of international engineers based on the latest scientific findings.

DalmiaGSB, the first producer to introduce monolithic lances in continental Europe in the 20th century, is spearheading the industry to this very day in this market segment.

A virtually integrated enterprise, DalmiaGSB today offers its clients tailor made refractory solutions that encompass basic and non-basic refractory bricks, isostatics and precast products to meet the superior demands imposed by a high quality minded competitive market.

Our Philosophy

Never a coincidence, quality is always the result of paramount
intention, genuine effort, smart guidance and skillful execution,
it represents the prudent choice out of many alternatives.

Our BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY is to consistently deliver high quality products and services. DalmiaGSB ensures that HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS are maintained and our intellectual capital, OUR STAFF, is always ON THE CUTTING EDGE of the latest developments.

Processes implemented are well thought out and defined as part of the company certification according to DIN ISO 9001. Our philosophy is an integral part of all activities of our employees.

DalmiaGSB is committed to provide the necessary personnel, equipment, capital, training and a systematic organizational structure, not only to maintain our high quality standards, but also to ensure further process optimization.

Our principles

We learn

from our customers, our technology partners, etc. We may have a lot of expertise, but our hunger for learning keeps us going.

We optimize

and try to improve ourselves all the time. Continuous learning and the aim to manufacture products of higher quality than yesterday is our goal. This process enables us to get better every day.

We are result driven

and geared towards offering solutions to improve productivity and overall product quality. Making your company more efficient and delivering products that meet the expectations are our main focus.

We keep our promise

Setting realistic expectations and strive to exceed yesterday’s performance. Our commitment is fostered by our knowledge, experience and dedication.
The Fusion of East and West.
Best in Refractories.